Abatement Technical Services has been offering safe and reliable asbestos abatement to clients in the Southeastern portions of Virginia since 1994.

ATS has a core group of highly skilled project supervisors and workers who have over 75 years of experience in the asbestos abatement industry.  Each project, be it the smaller residential crawlspace or the multi-story Federal Government facility gets the same level of attention to detail that the industry demands.  ATS utilizes the services of independent 3rd parties to provide licensed Asbestos Project Monitors to conduct oversight of our abatement operations and collect and analyze our air sample data.  Through this relationship our clients receive an added measure of comfort that the abatement work is being done correctly and safely. Allow our experienced team to handle this delicate matter for you.  We will quickly and accurately identify and remove your asbestos problem with a complete understanding of your distinct situation.

Our abatement services include:

  • An onsite professional, qualified abatement team member that can handle the entire job, from beginning to end
  • Senior level management of your project requirements
  • A safety first approach to each step in the project process
  • Independent 3rd party verification of the completeness and quality of our work
  • On time completion
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